instaweek #17

Buonasera bellezze e buon inizio settimana! Come al solito vi racconto i miei giorni scorsi con l'instapost!
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Good evening beauties and good week! As usual, I'll tell you my last days with the instapost!

Il mio bracciale in jeans FOUREVER che sto usando quasi ogni giorno 
My FOUREVER jeans bracelet that I'm using almost every day

Smalto Kiko
Kiko nailpolish
Sapete che amo gli animali, e appena ne trovo uno non resisto! Devo prenderlo in braccio e spupazzarlo! 
You know that I love animals, and as soon as I find one I can not resist! I have to pick him up and cuddle!

Regalo del mio Love preso ad Ischia
Gift of My Love took in Ischia

Ricominciamo con la palestra dopo lo stop dovuto alla bronchite
Let's start with the gym after the stop due to bronchitis

Un'anteprima del prossimo post in cui indosso i FOUREVER
A preview of the next post in which I wear FOUREVER

  1. love this pics and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
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  2. Love these pics! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Would you like to follow each other?